Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lafete and Frill&Frock Tea Party

Marlise & Nicola asked me to design a floral invite for a dress & tea party they're hosting at Lafete. Marlise makes and designs the prettiest dresses and Nicola makes the most delightful treats, perfect combination!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ernst & Christine's Save-The-Date!

The background is some of their floral material their going to use at their wedding, with lace and buttons draped on top of it. Took photo's of it and then I designed the rest onto the photo we took of the floral material, lace & buttons...lots of fun!

Vanessa de Villiers Photography

Finally, the blogsite I designed for photographer is up and running!! Go have a peep at the landingpage, the blog, about me page & contact page... I enjoyed designing it so much and learned a lot in the process! ;) My shout out to Juan Koekemoer & June Joubert for all your advice & help!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ernst&Christine Wedding Stationary

I have the priviledge of designing the wedding stationary for one of my close friends and her fiance, Christine&Ernst! Will be posting their save-the-date soon, all I will say for now...flowers, soft pastels, lots of lace, vintage, and all things pretty!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Exclusive Handbags

This was so lovely to design and make! I designed all the prints and hand screenprinted it onto the fabric. The vintage floral handbags are handmanufactured and proudly South African. Available for purchase at WoW boutique, corner of Dorpstreet and Ryneveld street (across Ryneveld 5 restaurant) in Stellenbosch.

Cream vintage blue floral handbag with grey airballoons print

Cream vintage dark cream floral handbag with grey airballoons print

Vintage blue floral handbag with grey balloon-girl print
Vintage dark cream floral handbag with white balloon-girl print
Vintage blue big florals handbag with grey umbrella print

Vintage dark cream big florals handbag with white umbrella print
Vintage blue small florals handbag with umbrella grey print
Vintage dark cream small florals handbag with white umbrella print
My logo&name for handbag range, handprinted onto tag


A sneak peak to the range of handbags I designed and made...will be posting it in its entirety soon! Available at Wow Boutique, corner of Dorpstreet and Ryneveld street, across the road from Ryneveld 5.
I designed the prints and screenprinted them onto the vintage floral fabric by hand. The bags are hand manufactured and proudly South African!