Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stephan word 1

Jeanne-Marié asked me to design an invitation for their youngest son's first birthday. The theme is 'monkey' because, like she said it: 'want hy is mos mamms se ou apie!' And their kids also like to watch Waybuloo, Stephan's sister said that he looks like the monkey in the program, so we just had to bring it into the design! And don't worry, he is the cutest, most beautiful baby you've ever seen! (just to reassure you after all this monkey-talk) :)


  1. So so soooo mooi!
    Waar kom die apies vandaan?

  2. dankie dame:)
    dis waybuloo program se apie, cute ne?
    en die ander een is apie wat ek van gehou het en toe net oorgeteken het**